jcoola motion-tracker is designed to detect motion for heavy-load games which require fantastic and optimized frame-rate and the highest response-time that makes it a good candidate to be used in heavy-weight threads and real-time applications. It can be used to emulate and map the 2D x/y vector to UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT buttons of joystick, however it is mainly designed to detect motion (motion sensor).


  • Crossplatform (PC, Android, iOS, BB, XBox, ...)
  • Optimized frame-rate


  • High speed Interactive Animation Effect (ex: Bee group around player’s head)
  • Joystick/keyboard can be simulated perfectly in fixed-camera sets like PC, XBox, ...

For non-fixed sets like mobiles or tablets, the simulation can be used on one condition that the player's background should be solid color and static; because shaking mobile device would interfere with player movements.

The motion-tracker documentation is available from here.
The following video shows how motion-tracker works: